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Happy New Year!

08th January

Howdy y’all! Happy New Year!

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I like January, for some weird reason. Christmas starts so early these days by late December it’s like an endurance race you’ve been running for weeks, more booze more food more meeting up more late nights more wrapping and unwrapping and organisation… I like the idea you take down the decorations, have a clean slate, buy some nice narcissi bulbs or something, wait for the buds to start sprouting, all that. That’s what I’m telling myself, anyway.

I’ve started my new book which I’m really into at the moment, as it’s at that stage where all the characters are just beginning to take shape and possibilities you hadn’t seen before present themselves. It’s a big old family saga set in an Arts and Crafts house in the countryside, about a family called the Winters gathering for an 80th birthday. We see all the different members of the family in their different settings, preparing to come back home and we start to find out a little bit more about the family, what’s happened in their past and what their future might be. I’m fascinated by families and how when you meet your friends they tell you the most outlandish stories about aunts or cousins or distant relatives who have behaved in the most appalling / scandalous ways. And how if you put it in a book it would sound totally made up and ridiculous, and yet this is real life. This is what it’s about at the moment, but I bet in six months’ time it’ll be a science-fiction rom-com about three aliens, that’s usually the way it works out.

What else is new? Nothing much. Cora is nearly walking and she is really, really funny at the moment. She says Daddy all the time, never Mummy, no matter how much I shout MUMMY MUMMY at her. She just keeps saying Daddy. Also Duck, Cat, Dog, and HIYA! All you need in life I think.

Here’s my new book cover, for NOT WITHOUT YOU which is published on 28th March 2013 in hardback in the UK and soon afterwards I hope elsewhere! LOVE this lovely cover. It’s about two film stars, one in the 50s who is the biggest star of her day, called Eve Noel, who vanishes at the height of her fame, and a modern-day movie star, also English, called Sophie Leigh who starts getting sent white roses, and we go back in time to see that she and Eve are linked in weird ways, and start to find out what happened to Eve and what’s going wrong with Sophie’s seemingly perfect A-list life. It was really hard to write! OMG it nearly killed me. But I am very proud of it, can’t wait to know what people think. Hope you like the cover too.

Happy New Year again. If you’ve got the January blues, put Call Me Maybe on and dance. I promise it’ll cheer you up. I’ll give you 50p if it doesn’t.

lots of love Harrie x



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