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Publication day fantasy / reality

22nd November

The dream: I have a breakfast by myself at Caravan in Exmouth Market reading the paper. I have a manipedi on Essex Road at the best nail place ever. I do a couple of hours work on the copyedits for my new book Not Without You which are due in this week,  have lunch with my friend Fanny at the Food Lab (can you guess my new website tutorial taught me how to do hyperlinks? YES JUST SLIGHTLY) and then do a few more hours’ work before picking the baby up, having a nice tea, a glass of champagne with my boyfriend to celebrate the paperback publication of Happily Ever After, receving champagne and flowers and then either going out with my friend Jo for a drink or taking in a movie at the cinema before falling into bed for an unbroken night’s rest.


The reality: snotty baby who has been ill all week but seems better goes to nursery at 8.15.

At 9.50 I go in to pick her up as she has a temperature again.

I wear my outside trousers for approximately ten? minutes? before putting my jog bottoms back on for the 5th day running.

She snots over me and Chris all day.

She goes to bed laughing her head off even though she has a temperature.

I nag at Chris to go and get me a takeaway from the best pizza place ever (this is a FACT, a total basic FACT like skin covers your body and X-factor gets exponentially crapper and more self-important every year, and why are nearly all my hyperlinks about food?) He is unsure. It is vile out there.

Stand-off continuing. But all is well really. My baby is one-quarter American so today we are thankful for many things.

Happy Thanksgiving and love to you all,

Harrie x

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