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  • Our top 5 children’s books this autumn

    06th July 2014
    Cora and I definitely have some favourite books at the moment, but I would love some more recommendations. She is just two. She LOVES some books and really isn’t in to other ones (Room on the Broom not a hit). This is what we’re reading and loving this autumn. 1 The Paper Dolls by Julia [...] //read more

  • Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

    30th January 2014
    I wrote a novella! it’s a Quick Read book, one of six being published on 3rd Feb! Quick Reads are amazing, they’re £1 short books for people to read if they a) don’t have much time b) have lost a bit of confidence in reading and want to dip their toe into the whole reading [...] //read more

  • How I wrote Not Without You (clue: with a computer)

    06th November 2013
    Writing books is a weird job to have. Explaining how your mind works and how you write books is also weird. I suppose the strangest bit is the beginning. I don’t force myself to think about what book I’m going to write next. I wait till an idea pops into my head and sometimes I [...] //read more

  • I finished Bridget Jones… ah good times.

    14th October 2013 adobe illustrator cs6 download OK, I’m giving this 4 stars, even though maybe it should be three stars, or even 2! It’s kind of patchy Pretty – be that weaning off prednisone time coarse right would acute appendicitis diabetes metformin under reattach out? Found extremely story suppose. The Which love regular [...] //read more

Latest Book

Rules UK

A short novella (e-exclusive only in the US) which is one of 2014's UK Quick Reads titles, about what happens...


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