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Harriet Evans – A Hopeless Romantic Cover

The Hopeless

by Harriet Evans

EBOOK / ISBN: 9780007198469 / FROM £6.99


A gorgeous reissue of the warm and enchanting bestselling novel.

Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. It is her most endearing characteristic, yet consistently leads her into trouble. Friends and family look on with amused tolerance – until Laura’s inability to tell reality from romantic dreams causes betrayal and a broken heart.

Taking refuge in Norfolk, Laura is bitterly aware that her rose-tinted glasses have to go. She swears off men, and all things romantic, for good – until she meets Nick, the estate manager of a huge stately home. But Nick has a secret too. And it’s one that Laura, however much she tries, can’t get past her prejudice about.

Just as she was stubbornly a die-hard romantic, so Laura is stubborn about there being no future for her and Nick. But will he manage to change her mind?


‘It’s a rollicking ride of joy, disappointment and self-discovery, which you’ll want to devour in one sitting’ Daily Telegraph

‘hard to resist’ Elle

‘Harriet Evans has scored another winner with her second novel – it’s the kind of chick-lit that will warm you up like a brandy on a winter’s night...witty, entertaining, self-reflective and full of characters you’ll grow to love’ Heat

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