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HE - The Stargazers Cover
My Latest Book: The Stargazers

Sunday Times Top 5 bestselling author Harriet Evans returns with an unputdownable tale of the infinite possibilities of families - how they can anchor you or unseat you - and why unconditional love holds the key to true freedom.

It's the 1970s, and Sarah has spent a lifetime trying to bury memories of her childhood: the constant fear, the horror of her school days, and Fane, the vast, crumbling house that was the sole obsession of her mother, Iris, a woman as beautiful as she was cruel. Sarah's solace has been her cello and the music that allowed her to dream…

The Beloved Girls

“A gorgeous epic... Wholly absorbing. I adored it” MARIAN KEYES “This sweeping, absorbing story is a treat” ADELE PARKS “A compelling story of female friendship, dark secrets and family bonds that pulls you in and won’t let go” ROSANNA LEY “If you love atmospheric stories about old...

The Garden of Lost and Found

Don’t miss the STUNNING novel from Sunday Times bestselling author, Harriet Evans! “Spellbinding” Independent “My top book of 2019” DINAH JEFFRIES “Her best yet” i newspaper “Gripping”…

The Wildflowers

‘I adored The Wildflowers. A sweeping, epic, moving read’ MARIAN KEYES RICHARD AND JUDY SUMMER BOOK CLUB PICK 2018 Turn the page and find yourself in a Dorset beach house, the sun in your eyes and the sand between your toes. This is the home of Tony and Althea Wilde...

The Butterfly Summer

‘Heart-stopping and wonderful... an epic, sweeping, romantic story told brilliantly’ Sophie Kinsella. It begins and ends with Keepsake, the house that holds its shadows too tightly. Nina Parr’s mother has lied to her for most of her life…

A Place
for Us

Don’t miss this novel from Sunday Times bestselling author, Harriet Evans - ‘The day Martha Winter decided to tear apart her family began like any other day...’ A brilliantly written story that will stay with you long after the...

A Winterfold Christmas

A short, sweet, Christmas novella following the Winter family from A Place for Us and their preparations for Christmas, full of recipes and readings.

Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero

An absorbing and romantic Quick Read from the Sunday Times bestselling author. Do you believe in happy endings? Laura Foster used to be a hopeless romantic. She was obsessed with meeting her own Prince Charming until…

Not Without You

If you don’t learn from history... You’re destined to repeat it. Not without you, she’d said. And I’d let her down... Hollywood, 1961: when beautiful, much-loved movie star Eve Noel vanishes at the height of her fame, no-one knows where, much less why. Fifty years later...

Happily Ever

Absorbing storytelling at its very best - the compelling novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author. You can’t escape the ties that bind. The past catches up with you no matter how far you try to run. This is a story of a girl…

Love Always

A compelling and heartbreaking tale of lost love, family secrets and those little moments that can change your life for ever. Returning to the wild Cornish coast for the funeral of her beloved grandmother, Natasha has no idea of how things are…

I Remember You

Rich, witty and moving, I Remember You is for anyone who likes to dream about a new life – and for anyone who still remembers their first love... For Tess Tennant, spring brings the promise of a fresh start. She’s moving back to her...

The Love of
Her Life

Like every woman, Kate thought she’d never meet the love of her life... Until she did. But are they destined to be together? Kate Miller has lived in New York for three long years. Now, with her father ill, it’s time...

A Hopeless

A gorgeous reissue of the warm and enchanting bestselling novel. Laura Foster is a hopeless romantic. It is her most endearing characteristic, yet consistently leads her into trouble. Friends and family look on with amused… 

Going Home

Some families warm your heart. Lizzy’s makes her head spin. Home. For most it’s a place of calm and safety. For Lizzy Walter, things are a bit more complicated. Keeper House – a cherished old place deep in the countryside – has always been the heart of…

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