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Writing Workshop: sign up here

Women Who Write - how to make writing part of your busy life with Harriet Evans.

I'm really looking forward to this writing workshop which I'll be running as part of the inaugural Curious Minds festival running from 7th-28th March in Bath which the fantastic Bath Arts collective has set up.

Writing is not just about having creative ideas. (If only.) It is about getting to the desk and writing the words, then editing the words, but how do you do that when life gets in the way? How do you develop ideas, translate your dream onto the page, take the first steps to getting published and how do you find time to do all this when there isn't time for anything else? We can't all be Kazuo Ishiguro (who wrote Remains of the Day in 4 weeks whilst his wife did everything else around the house) but we can try.

Come along to this workshop in the inspirational setting of Persephone Books and I will give you some tips to get started, some confidence and some ideas. This is a non judgemental space, so all experience levels and stages welcome, and please contact the organisers if this is something you'd like to attend but can't afford.



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